Visi Media Asia (Viva)

Established in 2007, PT. Visi Media Asia (VIVA) is an integrated media company, focused on delivering news, sports and lifestyle content through the convergence of broadcast, online and mobile platforms. VIVA provides content, community and commerce, providing customers with a unique 360 degree experience.

Through synergies and integrated operations, VIVA is able to drive cost efficiencies resulting in affordable access for consumers and better market positioning. Key synergies to date include, but are not limited to, joint advertising sales between tvOne, ANTV and Vivanews, and cooperation on IP networks to ensure operational stability.

Integrated content generation allows for content bundling across platforms, resulting in better and more complete content at lower costs. For example, VIVA has created BlackBerry, SMS, Android and Brew application for Vivanews, which are available to all mobile customers in Indonesia.

VIVA is collaborating with industry players in the telecommunications and network services in Indonesia including but not limited to Bakrie Telecom (one of Indonesias leading telecommunications operators) and Bakrie Connectivity, to further expand its contents via mobile and online platforms. tvOne and ANTV will be available on streaming on the new AHAmyTV internet TV service

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